Did some riding out at Barkerville on the weekend, 9th/10th. Forest power sports had a demo day on sunday up the Yanks Peak side. They had lots of different rides there and even a timbersled that went out quite a bit. Weather was good up top but the -23 driving in on saturday morning was a little scary.Temp was way better up high though on both days. Ground Hog Lake side[hope i got that right] was not bad but had had alot of traffic, Yanks had more untracked areas to ride and some good pow, not deep stuff but not pounded. Needs a good dump like everywhere up north it seems. 2 thumbs up to the Airport Inn in Quesnel. Awesome rooms at a very affordable price. Sure helped with the budget. More snows coming. Get out there and carve it up. See ya there.


Spent some time in Houston on the weekend. Did the Telkwa Range on saturday.  Road was plowed really good all the way to the 2nd parking lot. Trail was groomed and in very good shape. A brief stop at the cabin where there was quite a few sleds by this time and off to the meadows our group went. Not sure where everyone else went but we did a lot of fresh powder riding and were having lunch before we seen anyone else. The snow pack is slowly building up there but seems to be a little behind normal. Decided to stay in Houston and stayed at the Plesant Valley Motel. No complaints. Clean and affordable and good food at the restaurant. Sunday we were off to Dungate Meadows. Our second ride there. Without any guide. Had some directions and that we won't get lost spirit and away we go. Fresh snow there was about the same  and found some good meadows that nobody had carved up so we proceeded to fix that. The trail ride was good also ,fresh on it and nobody else there. Got a little melt happening right now which will help the base and snow in the forcast. Awesome. Gotta go by fuel.

Trail Conditions

Jan 6, 2016

Some extensive research was done last weekend on 3 rides. Rhine Ridge is picking up in snow pack with still some rocky areas on the tops of the hills, probably due to the wind more than anything. Creeks are froze and filling in but still need to pay attention. Temp was -18 at 100.5 km but warmed up  nicely down in the Rhine Craig/Playpen area. The Mirowave in Smithers was also cold in the staging area  but layers came off up top. There has been a lot of traffic there so not much untouched powder around. The Telkwa Range in Houston was same temp wise, cold down low and sunny and warm up top. Still lots of good fresh to ride on and was deemed to be the best ride of the weekend. With all the snow we have had in the last 2 days its going to be a whole new ride again. Can't wait.

December 5, 2015

Snow is starting.  Conditions are still light.  Give us a snow report.


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Busy family day  long weekend. Steller saturday at the Telkwa Range in Houston. All the rain down low on friday was all snow up on the range. Got into the meadows early and had a riot carving up the fresh stuff. Not a cloud in the sky. Seen 2 other riders all day and 2 more when we got back to the cabin. Supper was late that day. Sunday was off to Ailport and even though it was snowing the ride was awesome. Lots of fresh and most of the old tracks were pretty much covered over. Went to the base of the mountain and made the circle ride back via the old mountain cabin trail. Met up with another group at the Ailport cabin but hadn't crossed each others tracks all day. Yep, another late supper. Monday was a trail ride from the club property out to Nellion lake and back on some old logging roads. Beautiful warm sunny day. More fresh on the trail took out all the bad moguls, which was good as it made for a smoother ride for the tired muscle groups. Work party at the property on the 13th for the Cold Smoke Drag Races and hopefully a good ride on sunday. Who's tired of winter, let er snow.

HeadingTelkwa Pass March 19/16

Had our annual Telkwa Pass ride on the weekend. Generally speaking this is a nice sit back and enjoy the scenery ride that is open to all ages and riders types. Had some great comments from riders that had never been through there before. The weather was better than forecast and the trail had some fresh on it. The ride was well attended and everyone enjoyed a hot pulled pork lunch at the turn around spot. We also had made it into a poker ride so someone went home with a little extra in their pockets. Upon returning to the staging area some of the group headed up to the Micro wave. Was new area for some so they got a little tour around so they had an idea what the area was like for their next ride. Fresh up top was pretty awesome and not a ton of tracks around. Still lots of riding to do so don't get out them golf clubs yet. Enter your text here.