Club Project Updates

 New Outhouse!

There is now a new outhouse at the Glacier Main Parking Lot! Thank You to Kris, Bill, Christian, Brent, Dennis and Dawn for getting this permited, build and installed.

Motocross Track is now rideable!
There is still lots of terrain shaping and rock picking to be completed still. Please help to maintain the work that has been put in.
Thank you to Industrial Transformers, Tahtsa Group, Ryan Evans, Tyson Garrett, Jonas Sirfalk, Lars Sirfalk, Ricky Wainwright, Riley Jubinville, Mitchel Martens, Wade Mcdonald, Tyson Rea, Jeremy Burleson, Cayden Martens, Sean Stadey, Nicole Gerow and many others, without your donations and help we wouldn't have made it this far.

Poker Ride Great Success!

We had over 120 riders with 200+ hands sold! Congratulations to Jayce Payne for having the best hand and to the raffle and 50/50 winners.

Thank you to Outdoor Adventures and Lino's Sales for the items donated for our Fall Raffle! 

Upcoming Events

Upcoming Events